Tubagua becomes a movie set for feature film ‘The Good Heart’

Veteran actor Brian Cox prepares for a scene in The Good Heart

Veteran actor Brian Cox prepares for a scene in ‘The Good Heart’

Last April, a feature film production chose Tubagua to shoot several Caribbean coffee plantation scenes. The crew, from Iceland, stayed at the ecolodge and turned the next door neighbors’ home into a movie set. Both the director, Dagur Kari and renowned actor Brian Cox immediately took our neighbor, Leida, an elegant yet shy woman with indigenous Taino Indian traits, who ended up replacing what the script called for, “a jolly Bahama Mama”, and courageously acted out a number of scenes. The screenplay won a Sundance Film Festival award in 2007 and premiered in 2009 at Toronto Film Festival, where it received a standing ovation. Click here for pictures

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