What to do at Tubagua Ecolodge

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Things to do around Tubagua Ecolodge
Tubagua offers a unique variety of fascinating self-guided and guided outings. Most outings depart from the lodge and need no transportation. For those that do need transportation you can use your own vehicle or we can help you arrange one; just ask.
Guided Hike
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God's Swimming Pool

6 kms / 4 hours / moderate / 8 yrs +

A trek along a private trail through farms and meadows, dive and play at the spring head of a beautiful system of cascading pools.
Price: $20 per person. Kids under 16: $10.

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Interpretive guide
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Ancient Pathways

9 kms / 6 hours / moderate+ / 12 yrs +
Walk with our English-speaking guide into another world, along paths trodden by local folk for centuries, to where people live a simple life in harmony with nature. Learn about the way of life, the flora and the fauna along the way. Includes a visit to God's Swimming Pool. $25 pp.

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Excursion & Lunch
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Day Pass

If you're not staying at Tubagua you're welcome to come and spend the day. Enjoy a country-style lunch; relax and take in the views from our terrace and gardens. You can also book any one of our guided outings. Day Pass with lunch $10 pp. Optional room $50. Inquire below to reserve or for more info

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Bird Watching

2-6 kms /3-5 hours / moderate
Tubagua Ecolodge is a great location to view some of the Hispaniolan (HE) and Carribean bird endemics (CE). The nature around the lodge is stunning and you will enjoy fantastic scenery. Trails start right at the lodge leading through both forested and more open areas. The lodge's guide speaks good English and knows the species and tails. $30 pp. Guide optional on subsequent outings. More Info

Community Tourism
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The Amber Mines

Requires transportation /3-5 hours /

We are involved in helping communities earn an income from tourism in Puerto Plata. Once of our projects is in the amber mine region. A short ride up the scenic Panoramic Highway takes you to the source of some of the world’s most valuable amber. Enjoy a beautiful drive, learn all about amber and purchase directly from the miners at the lowest prices you can find anywhere. Price $20 pp. Minimum $60. Inquire if you need transportation

Community Tourism
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Coffee Village

Requires transportation /3-5 hours /
The age-old traditions of hand- processing organic coffee still dominate in the hills and plantations of Pedro Garcia. After an illness that nearly destroyed all the coffee crops, plantations are now being restored for the good of the environment and the local economy. Come live a story of rebirth while learning how coffee is transformed, from the branch to the cup! Price $20 pp. Minimum $60. Inquire if you need transportation

Self Guided / Guided
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Village Life

4-8 kms/ easy / 2-5 hours /
Take an easy stroll into local village life, where cooking is done on a fogón and produce is grown in a conuco. A walk through the village of Tubagua is a chance to meet friendly people and take a camera-load of memorable pictures. A guided stroll costs $20 per person but you can also do this on your own at no cost.

what's nearby
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Beaches & Attractions

There are a dozen beaches and endless things to do within a one-hour drve. Why stay at one beach when you can visit a dozen? Tubagua's central location and easy access makes this a perfect lodging choice for an entire vacation. Click here to discover all the local attractions and check the discounts when staying 5 days or more

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