Getting to Tubagua

Locate Tubagua Ecolodge on Google Maps. The GPS service will lead you right into our parking lot. We have no sign out on the highway, so this is the best way to find us. Our entrance is the only paved, uphill side road. There is a blue coconut selling shack on the corner.

Airport transfers: if you need to be picked up please send us an email to and provide us with airport, date, airline, flight number and time of arrival.
Puerto Plata Airport: 30 minutes, $30. Pay the driver directly.
Santiago Airport: 90 minutes, $90. Pay the driver directly
Santo Domingo Airport: 5 hours, $230.
Punta Cana Airport: 7-8 hours, $300.

Coming by bus: There are comfortable coach buses traveling to Puerto Plata from Samana, Santiago and Santo Domingo, for $10 or less. A taxi from the bus station should cost $30. Pay the driver directly.

Public Transport
There is a local “guagua” that serves our highway, leaving from the hospital in Puerto Plata. It only costs 50 pesos (US$1), but you have to wait until they have minimum eight clients. Tell them you want to get off at “La Casita de Popea”. This is a blue coconut selling shack at our entrance, the only landmark for our entrance.

You can also take a “moto-taxi” or motorcylce taxi from our Junction on Route 5. The junction is called Gran Parada. Moto-taxis charge 100 pesos, or US$2.


Some people make multiple reservations at different hotels and then decide at the last minute where to stay. But Tubagua is a small hotel and so we cannot afford to hold rooms without knowing that you are coming.

And so, during busy periods we will ask for a US$50 deposit per room, by way of a separate email. The email will provide you a link to follow and process the payment with a credit card. You can cancel with no penalty with 14 days notice.

If you do receive a request for a deposit please attend to it right away. If we don’t hear back from you within a few days we will move you to a waiting list. This means that you probably won’t get the room type you reserved, or, there might be no rooms in the inn when you arrive.

On a budget? How to save money at Tubagua

• Pay cash on arrival and save the 5% credit card fee.
• Opt for our daily Meal Plan for $25 per day and save $10/day on meals.
• Guests are free to bring their own snacks and keep them in the fridge we provide in the social area. Note there are no cooking facilities for guests.
• Guests are free to bring their own drinks. There is a corking fee of $4. per bottle for drinks consumed in the social area. No corking fee for drinks consumed in your room. $5 fee for a cooler with ice for the room.

Please read this if you booked through an online travel agency

Our website is the only place where we can fully represent our products and services.

Each online travel agency has a different system for setting up and managing hotel offerings. All of them are designed to show thousands of hotels of every type, the world over.

For this reason, we ask that you take the time to look over our own website.

While we do everything possible to accurately represent ourselves in online travel agencies, it is possible that something has been overlooked or missed

If after checking our website you find that Tubagua is not what you were really looking for, we’ll understand and we will charge nothing to cancel if you decide to do so within a few days of reserving.

Here are a few things that are not always clear on the online travel agency websites:

Taxes: The Dominican government charges 18% sales tax on all hospitality items. This is not hidden in your room or meal rates. We show this on your invoice as an added sum, for all products and services purchased.

Tipping: The Dominican government allows us to add a 10% staff gratuity, which is shown as an added sum on your invoice.

Credit Card Charges: your invoice will show a 5% credit card charge, which we deduct if you pay cash.

Note that after you make your reservation, we will send an email to your online travel agency inbox that details your room rate, taxes and surcharges. This will give you a full and correct rate long before arrival.


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